Who is Maxi Corner?

Maxi started writing and producing original music during the summer of 2020, as he only previously played in a cover band back in the 90's. Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, he was fortunate to be one of the few pioneer bands back then to fully leverage midi sequencing. This allowed them to create a niche for themselves in the market, and the ability to play venues that lack sufficient space for a drummer. 

Today, with the help of so many online resources, he is proud to showcase his debut album called WORLD. WORLD is a mix of completely different genres and styles, and a collaboration with many singers, songwriters and session musicians. For Maxi, every new day writing music becomes a learning experience, every new connection may become a friend, and every new song may just become someone's favorite. 

If you are a musician, songwriter or producer and would like to collaborate on anything, please email Maxi at 



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